Player ratings: Man City triumph over Sevilla 1-1 (5-4 on penalties) to win the Super Cup
In an exciting match, Manchester City won the Super Cup after defeating Sevilla 1-1 in the regular generation extra, achieving a 5-4 win on penalties. The match featured stellar performances from both sides, with City's incredible stamina and Sevilla's quickness leaving fans on the edge of their seats. This article looks at player ratings and benefit throughout the intense security, highlighting the key moments that shaped the outcome of the game.

Player ratings

Name Club Classification
Ederson Manchester city 8.5
kyle walker Manchester city 7.8
juan stones Manchester city 8.2
ruben days Manchester city 9.0
Oleksandr Zinchenko Manchester city 7.5
fernandinho Manchester city 8.7
Ilkay Gundogan Manchester city 8.4
Kevin DeBruyne Manchester city 8.9
Phil Foden Manchester city 9.5
Jack Grealish Manchester city 8.6
harry kane Manchester city 8.1
Yassine Bono Seville 8.8
Jesus Navas Seville 7.6
Jules Konde Seville 8.3
Sergio Escudero Seville 7.1
diego carlos Seville 8.0
Ferdinand Seville 7.9
Ivan Rakitic Seville 8.6
Joan Jordan Seville 8.2
papu gomez Seville 9.1
Youssef En-Nesyri Seville 8.7

Key moments

The game began with both teams showing off their attacking prowess, but concerted jealous reports from Ruben Dias and Jules Koundé kept the score level. Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson made crucial saves to deny Sevilla's Papu Gomez and Youssef En-Nesyri move. Sevilla's Yassine Bounou showed off his shot-stopping abilities against the setup of Phil Foden and Harry Kane.

The breakthrough came in the 35th minute when Kevin De Bruyne slid a perfect weight past Phil Foden, who calmly slotted the lob into the back of the net. However, Sevilla responded almost immediately with the addition of a stunning long-range shot from outsider Papu Gómez, making the score 1-1.

The second half saw relentless strength from both teams, but unwavering watchdog oddball John Stones and Oleksandr Zinchenko prevented any goals. As the game progressed, the overflow time interested, both teams continued to build for a protector, but the amount remained unchanged.

With penalties deciding the outcome, nerves were high as the players withdrew to select their penalties. Both teams showed remarkable composure, but it was Phil Foden's main penalty that clinched the Super Cup against Manchester City, with the final score added after penalties of 5-4.

Overall, the twin was a sexy display of attacking territory and showed the talents paid off for both teams. The resilience of Manchester City and the tenacity of Sevilla owed him a conspicuous match, in addition to the fact that the performance of the players was commendable at all times.


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