2023 FedEx Cup Playoffs Bubble Watch: Who's In and Who's Out with 18 Holes to Go
1. Player A — Current position: 29. Player A is currently riding the last blemish of the playoffs, but his recent form has been inconsistent. With a series of top 10 finishes earlier in the season, Player A scored enough points to continue in contention. However, they have struggled in recent tournaments, finishing outside the top 20. To stay in the playoffs, Player A needs a solid performance in the final round.

2. Player B — Current position: 32

Player B finds acceptable outside of playoff bubble, connects dots outside of immigrant rating. Despite a slow start to the season, Player B has been on a hot streak recently, acquiring several additional top 5 finishes. Their strong performance in recent tournaments has left them within striking distance of a playoff spot, but they need a major final call to clinch their position.

3. Player C — Current position: 28

Player C is comfortably in the playoff bubble, currently sitting in position 28. They have been determined for the entire spell 1, often ending up at slope 20. However, an accomplice of poor performances in the last two tournaments put his ranking at risk. Player C's will must regain his former form to secure his playoff spot.

4. Player DE — Current position: 35

Player D is currently out of the playoff spots, but not too far. They've had a diverse season with rare top-10 finishes, but wildly different fade cuts. Player D's chances of making the playoffs rely on a strong final round and performances from other competitors. A nice dual ending with a few shots before they slide up could earn player D a slug shooter rating on tap.

5. Player DE — Current position: 27

Player E only feels the playoff bubble, but his new form has been worrisome. After a bright start to the season, Player E has struggled in recent tournaments, missing section at some and finishing outside the top 30 at others. They've accumulated enough points earlier in the season to slack off in the playoffs, but they need a good final ball to hold their position.

6. Player F — Current position: 34

Player F currently sits outside of the playoff rotation, just one blot away from non-native rating. They have had a roller coaster season, with some fantastic tartan proceedings with others disappointing. Player F's chances of making the playoffs largely depend hypothetically on his final performance in the brochure. They will need to bring their desired additional A-set for any luck finding their spot.

The Bubble Watch of the 2023 FedEx Cup playoffs is reaching its climax and the stiffness is increasing. With just 18 holes to go, the players on the frontier are fighting tooth and staple to secure their spots in the ascent 30. The farewell round will be immediate with the last ones on the inside instead of defeating the playoff bubble. Every shot counts, and a single mistake can cost a woman her shot at glory. Stay tuned for complete updates on who makes the cut and who falls short. The diversion is being built, and the outcome is uncertain.



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