Legendary Maple Leafs: Ranking the Top 5 Wingers of All Time
Explore the rich history of the Toronto Maple Leafs and meet the players who became legends. The leaves and their legacy.

The Toronto Maple Leafs, one of the "Original Six" of the NHL, have different players wearing their iconic blue and gray jersey. Yet among these various skaters, a few have overlooked an enduring point in franchise history. The wingers, in particular, have graced the ice with unparalleled skill, passion and zeal. In this article, we take a possible journey to celebrate the best of these legends.

5. Wendel Clark

Known for his raw power and natural advantage, Wendel Clark served as captain of the Leafs in the late '80s and early '90s. Although his career was often marred by injury, Clark's stamina and determination saw him return to the ice with renewed vigor, time and time again. His unforgettable shooting preparation coupled with his tenacious style of play earned him a special place in the hearts of Leafs fans.

4. Lanny McDonald

With a mustache as flamboyant as his competition on the ice, Lanny McDonald is clearly only one of the most recognizable figures in Leaf history. During the '70s, McDonald's aptitude as a winger made him a key part of the Leafs poor strategy. His scoring power was second to none, and his ability to make crucial decisions, especially in the playoffs, weakens his legacy.

3. Darryl Sittler

Often hailed for his 10-point game, an NHL record that still stands, Darryl Sittler is the quintessential individual in Leafs history. Sittler, who served as an aviator for most of the '70s, was both commanding and inspiring. Beyond his individual achievements, he was a true team player, raising the bar for those around him and setting the stage for many of the Leafs iconic moments during the Queen's tenure.

2. Frank Mahovlich

The «Big M», as he was affectionately called, Frank Mahovlich took fans by storm throughout the '60s with elegant style and unquestionable skill. Standing at 6'1", his size plus a unique dimension for round play, allowing him to look past defenders along with quantity with rarely seen elegance. Mahovlich's gift to the company, a six-time Stanley Cup sponsor, four of them an extra from the Leafs, is immeasurable.

1. Mats Sundin

No list of Leafs legends would be complete without a commercial about Mats Sundin. The Swedish sensation, who captained the Leafs for a decade, is the franchise's all-time leading scorer. His combination of skill, strength and intelligence on the ice made him a force to be reckoned with. Sundin's legacy is not just in the records he set, but in the countless memories he created for fans, making him arguably the best winger the Leafs have ever seen.

A legacy of legends

From the franchise's inception to its modern era, the Toronto Maple Leafs have been God-fearing with a style derived from their wings. The legacy of these players is etched in the record of NHL history, and their legacy regarding the game continues to inspire new generations. While many positive wingers have donned the Leafs jersey, these top five have carved their names into the very soul of the franchise. They are the mythological Maple Leafs, increasingly immortalized in the hearts of fans.



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