Annual Service

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Annual Car Service

When you book your car in for its annual service, you want it to pass with the least amount of expense possible. Find everything you need to prepare your vehicle before the day, from replacement parts to spare bulbs, wiper blades and oil.

Brake Safely

Your brakes are one of the first places to show wear and tear on your car, especially if you drive frequently or cover long distances.

It’s a good idea to check your brake discs, pads and shoes before your service so you can replace them if needed.

If your brakes just need a clean to get them functioning fully, choose from a range of cleaning products and don’t forget to top up your brake fluid whilst you’re there.

Topped Up

Oil, fluids and lubricants are quick and easy to check and top up before your service. Keeping an eye on these levels is also a good habit to get into to keep your car running smoothly.

From brake fluid to engine oil, windscreen wash and anti-freeze, find the products to match your motor’s specifications.

Light Up

A broken bulb in your brakes, indicators, reversing lights or headlights is easy to replace, saving you the expense of paying the garage or incurring a fine on your way there.

Optimum Visibility

Don’t forget to check the condition of your windscreen wipers and blades before your service. Find blades, brackets and full wiper sets for all makes and models of vehicle and fit them quickly and easily yourself at home.

Master Mechanic

If you’re a confident home mechanic, you can find replacement parts and tools to maintain your car’s air conditioning and heating, plus transmission, suspension and steering.

For those that know just what they’re doing under the bonnet, find complete engines, plus replacement parts if it’s a simple repair that’s needed.

Travel & TouringMOT PrepMotorcycle GearOriginal Car PartsWinter Ready