Serena Williams former coach reveals why Novak Djokovic lost Wimbledon final
In new research, Serena Williams' former coach Patrick Mouratoglou eradicates the potential of the possible light following Novak Djokovic's loss in the Wimbledon final. Mouratoglou, an esteemed tennis guide renowned for his expertise in mastering the game, analyzed Djokovic's performance and highlighted the key factors that led to his defeat.

1. Djokovic's state of mind

According to Mouratoglou, Djokovic's assertive madman played an important role in his defeat. He said Djokovic seemed to continue to be overwhelmed by the pressure of the final, which put his decision-making and overall performance to shame. Mouratoglou stressed the importance of keeping a calm and focused mindset ahead of high-stakes matches like the Wimbledon final.

2. Djokovic's physical condition

Mouratoglou spoke a lot about Djokovic's physical condition during the match. He noted that Djokovic seemed exhausted, especially towards the late start of the game. This fatigue affected his sending and selection of shots, sooner or later making it easier for the rival cap in question to dominate the rallies.

3. Tactical errors

One aspect highlighted by Mouratoglou were Djokovic’s tactical errors. He noted that Djokovic seemed to change direction from his usual game plan, making him accessible to the opponent's sovereign strategies. Mouratoglou further highlighted specific shots and the 'divine law' of the jus divinum game where Djokovic could have made better decisions to gain an advantage.

4. Opponent performance

Mouratoglou acknowledged that outstanding execution helped Djokovic's competitor in Wimbledon final. He credited his different game and adaptability, which presented a considerable challenge for Djokovic. This accolade emphasized the vigor and skill of Djokovic's competitor, making it clear that abundant mosey's success was not only that Djokovic's shortcomings became distracting which led to his losing.


In conclusion, Patrick Mouratoglou, Serena Williams former educator, provided significant insight into Novak Djokovic's loss in the Wimbledon final. His analysis covered Djokovic's physical and psychotic state and thorny tactical errors that affected his performance. However, Mouratoglou also acknowledged the derivative operation of Djokovic's disputer, stressing that going off on a tangent was a fitting scoreline combination that led to Djokovic's defeat. This article provides tennis fans and enthusiasts with a proper understanding of the match and sheds light on the intricate dynamics that make or break the game for players.


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